Star Sky ScreenSaver

Star Sky ScreenSaver 1.3

Shows real star constellations while playing your favourite music

Star Sky Screensaver software program gives you the chance to learn a bit more about the universe while protecting your screen when it is not being used.

When enabled, this screensaver automatically displays the constellations that can be found on the sky map section selected as default. You can change this selection on the configurations menu, setting if you are on the north or south pole and the sky’s rotation speed and direction.

Regarding background sound, you can choose to listen to the default cosmic music featured by Star Sky Screensaver or you can configure the program to select your favorite MP3 tracks from your computer while the screensaver is on.

Star Sky Screensaver is a good screensaver choice for users who want to have a different add-on that not only protects their screen while they are not paying attention to it, but also provides them with some extra fun facts about the stars and their constellations.